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michaela liedler msc d.o.

osteopath and physiotherapist
treating scars and
postoperative adhesions

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The specialist book for body therapists – published by Springer:

“Peritoneale Adhäsionen – Fasziale Behandlung nach dem Liedler Konzept”

msc d.o.

osteopath and physiotherapist
treating scars and
postoperative adhesions


»I AM my body.« – Eckhard Tolle



Life story = body story

Stories: told with the body, which map the events of your life and seek to be understood. Experiencing pain in the body is a signal, alarming you that the body is in a state of imbalance, that your defences are down, that elements of your individual life story are casting shadows.

Clarity and understanding are what bodies need.
Osteopathic guidance and treatments help you to understand your body, with all its internal and external scars and to better read and interpret your body´s signals.
And beyond that, to treat Body – Spirit – Soul – Shadows as an indivisible unit.

For everyone who wants more.
Simple and direct.
Complex and discerning.
Consequent and exact.
Honest and real.

On the path to a new attitude towards life, rich with fulfilment and well-being that can be experienced both IN and WITH your own body.

„I do not have a body, I AM my body.“ – Eckhard Tolle.

life story/
body story


It is of vital importance for me to understand the unique and special life story of everyone who comes to me for osteopathic guidance. To see, to recognize and to feel how the body tells each life story. Individually. Different every time.

Operations, accidents, falls, scars, traumatic experiences – simply, life – stress changes a body and carves patterns of tension over time. To recognize these and treat them is what makes healing possible.

Healing releases old tensions and allows new motions the freedom to form.

Freedom allows the body to find its inner balance.

Balance brings lightness.

Lightness yields well-being and relaxes the body.

The goal of my treatments is to harmonize your life story and body story, for a more fully enjoyable life story in the future.


  • Since 2018: Teaches the Women’s Health Course at MIH, Vienna
  • Since 2018: Member of the MIH Teaching Faculty (Molinari Institute of Health, Vienna, London)
  • 2018 > Publishes the LIEDLER CONCEPT for scar treatment
  • 2018 > Begins teaching the LIEDLER CONCEPT for scar treatment: seminars for osteopaths, physical therapists, massage therapists, midwives and self-help groups
  • 2018 > Earns Master’s degree in Osteopathy from the Danube University Krems – MSc D.O.
  • Since 2014> Freelancer at a group practice for osteopathy and physiotherapy (Gemeinschaftspraxis für Osteopathie und Physiotherapie), 1070 Vienna
  • 2013–2014> Freelancer at the gynaecology practice of Dr. Theresa Widrich, 1030 Vienna
  • 2007-2013> Freelancer at the Praxisgemeinschaft Olymp, 1070 Vienna
  • 2007-2008> Freelancer at the Villa Medica Medical Center, 2340 Mödling
  • 2006-2007> Works at the Dr. Alfred Pschill institute for physical medicine (Physikalisch-Medizinisches Institut), 1060 Vienna
  • 2006> Freelancer at the MTD Zentrum, 1180 Vienna
  • 2005–2006> Vienna Privatklinik – Sport Trauma and Orthopaedics, head physical therapist, 1090 Vienna
  • 2004–2005> AKH – Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, 1090 Vienna
  • 2003> Hogar de Cristo Hospital, Centro Crecer rehabilitation centre for neurological patients, Santiago de Chile, Chile
  • 2003> Volunteers at the Albergue de Hermanos Pedros for children with serious mental and physical disabilities, Antigua, Guatemala
  • 1999–2002> Academy for physical therapy at the AKH Vienna, 1090 Vienna


The specialist book for body therapists and midwifes (in german available)

Peritoneale Adhäsionen – Fasziale Behandlung nach dem Liedler-Konzept. 

Pertoneal adhesions – Fascial treatment according to the Liedler concept.

In the theoretical part: Definition and differentiation of scars, bondings and peritoneal adhesions- All important basics of anatomy, physiology and pathophysiology – Wound healing of tissue and peritoneum and effects of mechanical tension on tissue – Physical compensation mechanisms

In the practical part: Basics of the Liedler concept for diagnosis and treatment – Direct and indirect techniques for all degrees of mobility, wound healing phases and pain conditions – Concrete treatment steps to integrate scar tissue into the body – Self-exercise program for patients
Plus: Pilot study on the influence of postoperative adhesions on chronic back pain and numerous video sequences with treatment examples.

Zentrum für Narbenbehandlung

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continuing education

  • 2020 > PNEI 4: Immunology. Michael Biberschick, WSO Vienna
  • 2019 > PNEI 3: Psycho-Neurology. Dr.Diana Stöckl, WSO Vienna
  • 2019 > PNEI 2: Endocrinology. Monika Ebner, WSO Vienna
  • 2019 > PNEI 1: Introduction to Metabolism. Dr.Erich Mayer-Fally, WSO Vienna
  • 2019 > Cranio course: Children and their future. How osteopathy can help. Hanneke Nuesslein, Linz
  • 2018 > Training in shadow work. Stefanie Körber, Stefan Pott Vienna
  • 2018 > Master’s degree in Osteopathy, Danube University, Krems
  • 2017> Cranio course, Hanneke Nusselein: Health on a cellular level, Linz
  • 2016> The fluid model in osteopathy. Paolo Tozzi, Vienna
    Osteopathy and female fertility – Parts I and II; Osteopathy and male fertility. Geneviève Kermorgant, Vienna
  • 2014> Course on dysfunction in the neuro-endocrine systems, Nathalie Camirand, DO, Vienna, Course on embryology and osteopathy, Dr. Mayer-Fally, Dr. Stöckl, FDM part 2, Dr. Georg Harrer, Vienna
  • 2013> Seminar on internal urogenital techniques, Schimetitz Barbara, DO, Vienna
  • Since 2010> Master’s program in Osteopathy, Danube University, Krems
  • 2011> Successfully earns title of Osteopath, course on jaw orthopaedics, Vienna
  • 2010> Seminar on neurology, Vienna
  • 2007> Training in physio-energy work: Course 1, Vienna
  • 2006> Training in ear acupuncture massage, Vienna
  • 2005–2011> Training at the Vienna School for Osteopathy, Vienna
  • 2005> Training in play pedagogy (Spielpädagogik), Vienna, Lower Austria
  • 1999-2002>Academy for physical therapy at the AKH Vienna, 1090 Vienna
  • 1998> Training in foot reflexology, Vienna



Osteopathy is a holistic treatment concept, which perceives and connects all the different layers of the body. The body is a unit and is equipped with mechanisms of self-regulation, which allows it to continuously react and adapt to inner and outer changes. To live in health, it is important that all layers are connected and free to interact with one another.

Using the hands, an osteopath can feel and discover dynamics and imbalances in the most diverse layers of the body, whether structures (bones), soft tissues (muscles, tissues, fascia …), organs or craniosacral rhythms. After such an assessment, treatment begins and involves specific techniques for loosening blockages, harmonizing the body and improving interaction between all levels.

cranial osteopathy

The craniosacral rhythm is characterized by a gentle, wave-like motion, similar to breathing, which is assumed to be caused by the flow of cranial fluid. Through this rhythm, new insights can be gained about the inner power and vitality of the body. With the help of gentle techniques in the area around the skull and the entire body, tensions and imbalances can be discovered and restored to balance. Harmony and vitality are enhanced.  


In general, physical therapy combines manual techniques, active strengthening exercises and body awareness training. Some physical therapies focus on treatment of the jaw, others on gynecology. Through manual techniques, cranial osteopathy and active exercises, tensions and blockages in the jaw can be loosened and freedom of movement can be restored in the abdominal and pelvic region.  

body awareness training

The purpose of this training is to feel and understand our own bodies more deeply, to recognize the connections and interactions and to learn how to discover and release tensions ourselves in the future.



the Liedler concept: treatment of scars and adhesions

surgical scars, such as scars from a caesarean section, a gall bladder surgery or an appendectomy, scars from broken bones and operations for a herniated disk, for example

article regarding the liedler-concept/osteopathy – a pilot study


infertility, PMS, menstrual cramps, support prior to and during pregnancy, support after childbirth, scar treatment, incontinence, pelvic floor problems.


pain in the pelvic area, pelvic floor.

jaw pain

pain when chewing, opening or closing the mouth, teeth grinding, teeth clenching, jaw popping while eating or talking. support with braces and dental treatments, preparation for jaw operations and post-operation treatment.

imbalance in neuro-endocrine systems

overactive or underactive thyroid, exhaustion, fatigue, nervousness, sleeping problems, digestive problems.

headache, migraine

sudden, recurring headaches, after waking up or after an accident, pressure headaches, tightness and pain.

patient info

referral and approval

Your doctor can issue you a referral for physical therapy. Your doctor must issue you a written prescription with a diagnosis and a referral for individual remedial exercise. A typical example might be: 10 units of individual remedial exercise (45 minutes per unit) with a practicing physical therapist.

This referral must be approved by the head physician of your health insurance provider. You may send it by fax or submit it for approval in person.

Osteopathic treatments are not covered by Austrian social insurance. Certain private insurance companies do cover the cost of treatments.

therapy costs and payment

Therapy must be paid for in full in cash at each appointment. You will receive proof of payment via email after each appointment. Treatment: 120,– Euro. One therapy unit lasts 30 to 45 minutes.


After completing therapy, send your receipts and prescription to your insurance provider and a portion of the costs of therapy will be reimbursed.

schedule an appointment

Call +43 660 764 2402 to make an appointment.

appointment cancellation

Appointments which cannot be held must be cancelled at least 48 hours in advance, or the full cost of the appointment will be billed. Call +43 660 764 2402 to cancel.


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