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Scar treatment – the LIEDLER CONCEPT

Scars are diverse.
Obvious – their appearance, texture, numbness or sensitivity, and other sensations.
Less obvious – looks like a simple white line and appears to have healed. But underneath?

Scars are always the result of the wound healing process. In fact, only up to 80% of tissue elasticity can be restored. Therefore, when determining whether a scar has healed well, it is important to consider the visible surface of the scar AND the deep tissue layers. Just because the surface of a scar is slightly movable, does not mean that the deeper subcutaneous tissue is as well.
As wounds heal, adhesions can occur in deep tissue layers, causing tension in the affected areas. Ideally, the body can compensate so that there is no noticeable difference. However, compensation almost always comes at the cost of mobility, flexibility and ease of movement of the surrounding structures.

As part of my own story, I have developed techniques, and as part of my osteopathic training, an entire treatment concept, which treats scars effectively and quickly and changes them, from their surface to their deepest tissue layers. A concept that helps the body change these adhesions into moveable layers of tissue again and improves the health of the body.
When movement becomes easy again, you can feel release on all layers, and freed energy can benefit the body once more.


The four layers of the LIEDLER CONCEPT:

  1. Scar tissue
  2. Surface tissue layers
  3. Deep tissue layers and peritoneal adhesions
  4. Psyche-emotions-soul layer: the shadows


how is the LIEDLER CONCEPT different from other methods?

I treat tissue layers at the surface AND in the deep tissue layers, where the body shows me that it needs help to restore the sliding layers, or Gleitschichten.

The treatment is painful at first, but the pain subsides quickly and the increase in mobility is immediately noticeable. I treat all layers.


when is the scar good?

For me, a scar is good when you feel as relaxed about the scar as any other part of your body.
A scar is good, when the sliding layers are so moveable that your body can reduce its compensation mechanisms as much as possible.
A scar is good, when release can be felt by all parts of your body, which is an important indication of how much the scar affects the rest of the body.

I accompany you through the whole process, providing calm and experience which I have won through my own life story. In the knowledge that you can feel better. And how rewarding and wonderful it is when you reclaim vital energy for your own life, instead of it being locked up in scars.

Lust for life, joy and lightness IN and WITH your body and IN life, that is my goal.


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